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May 09,  · Full Scouting Reports for the 10 Greatest MLB Players of This Generation 0 of 10 Year after year and generation after generation, scouts have been the life blood of Major League rechztsguts.gq: Adam Wells. Mike Trout Trout Is a Problem Only Major League Baseball Can Have. The NBA, NFL and NHL don't have issues like this with their top stars. Zachary D. Rymer. We hoped you liked reading The Royals Have the Mike Trout Scouting Report, Like Everyone by Jeff Sullivan! Please support FanGraphs by becoming a member. We publish thousands of articles a year, host multiple podcasts, and have an ever growing database of .

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The man in the title lucky enough to escape the parentheses who just so happened to get the call to the big leagues today also just so happens to be my biggest draft miss since I started this site mike trout scouting report in Hey, at least I had him ranked ahead of Brooks Raley! Besides the always super fun attempt at mike trout scouting report, the reason I bring up my low ranking of Trout is to see if there is something that I can learn from in all of this. Seager was my 65th ranked player that year.

I already laid out my wrong-headed assessments of Trout during his high school days. Seager, mike trout scouting report, on the other hand, was a personal favorite from day one.

This was written in March of :. If we can ignore the fact that I was comparing every collegiate middle infielder to Jason Donald at the time pretty sure Grant Green also got the Donald treatment at some pointwe still can see that all of his offensive positives from his college days great plate discipline, mike trout scouting report, slightly above-average power, good baserunner, high contact rate apply as a professional.

I really like Seager, both as a player and a person, and I look forward to watching his career unfold. As much as I like Seager, his third round draft status keeps him from the following list.

Pretty crazy, right? As a final aside, Washington was rumored by Baseball America to have strongly considered taking either Trout or Wil Myers with the tenth overall pick. Storen has done what has been expected of him so far, but, damn, it is easy to love a Werth-Trout-Harper outfield for the next half decade and beyond. Do us a quick favor, will ya? See this franchise here? Simple enough, right?

We just need you to sign without too much of a fuss talk about a PR headacheavoid getting injured in the first few years of your deal that would be such a buzzkilland pitch well enough to live up to your reputation as the greatest amateur player of your generation no pressure! Think about it, Stephen. This is your chance to be the most talked about savior in DC since that other impossibly hyped guy who took charge back in January.

So glad you asked, mike trout scouting report. Watch Ackley swing a bat and you might just get the same feeling I got the first time I saw him swing a bat as a freshman at UNC. Ackley is one of my favorite players in this or any draft because, even though there are a lot of players that you can compare mike trout scouting report to, in the end he is still, somehow, mike trout scouting report, someway, a really unique prospect.

What position will he mike trout scouting report Where will he fit best in a lineup? Will the power develop? How much of his prospect value is tied into the answers of these questions? Ackley was an excellent prospect heading into the season, but, mike trout scouting report, as you can see, there were questions about his game that needed to be answered this spring.

A legitimate case could be made for a pro transition to second base, something the coaching staff at UNC believes he could handle with relative ease. I liked that one a lot, even though my knowledge of Fred Lynn is limited to box scores, mike trout scouting report, highlight videos, and stories from those who actually mike trout scouting report him play. There is also the matter of that slugging percentage. Nobody will make the argument that college statistics have the kind of predictive value that minor league stats have, but at some point the results must be acknowledged as something worth talking about.

A: Ha, trick question! What if Ackley was tied to first base going forward, but still had the monster offensively? Would he still be in the running for the second overall pick if he was strictly a first baseman? What if he was totally healthy and playing every day in CF, but put up a. Would the questions about his power scare teams off from taking him in the top five? Top ten? Who knows? Here is mike trout scouting report I do know, or at least thing I know: Dustin Ackley is a future.

It stinks that Seattle missed out on Strasburg, but Ackley is a prospect worthy of the number two overall pick in this or any draft year, mike trout scouting report. Maybe I take my own personal baseball fandom too far, but reports that the Padres may take Vanderbilt LHSP Mike Minor third overall would have me breathing into a paper bag if I was a fan of the team.

My worry about this pick is that it becomes less about the players involved and more about the unfortunate San Diego draft idealogy. In the past two weeks or so, the aforementioned Mike Minor has emerged as the hot signability pick that could become a reality if the Padres opt to draft on the cheap.

If the Padres decide to go with Crow, mike trout scouting report, the chain reaction will be a sight to behold. The Pirates have Crow at or near the top of their board, so they may be forced to go to their Plan B. How many of those spots are currently accounted for? How many are still up for grabs? Which players are most likely to land the last few spots in the round and which players are such stone cold mortal locks that they can feel safe putting down payments on a whole bunch of fancy new toys?

Any player with a chance of going in the first round in June has been broken down into a distinct tier. Mike trout scouting report tiers are far from perfect maybe a player is in Tier 4, but should be in Tier 5but they serve as realistic classifications of where players are currently valued by big league clubs. Ackley, Matzek, and Wheeler seem like sure bets to go in the top ten.

Gibson and White are two college righties who are seeing their stock slip heading into the big day, but for different reasons. Rumors have circulated that Purke could be the obligatory high bonus high schooler who drops down the board, but it would be a stunner to see him fall clear out of the first, if for no other reason than eventually one of the big budget teams would pull the trigger in the mid- to lates.

Green is another player that many claim is sliding down boards, but his success with wood on the Cape will keep him in the top half of the round at worst when it is all said and done. However, if San Diego decides to pass, he is in danger of falling way down in the first based on how remaining teams figure to stack their respective boards.

The most obscure player on the list is easily the lefty from Lipscomb, Rex Brothers. The high velocity lefty belongs. Tier 3 is where things get complicated.

And with that, mike trout scouting report, we have the theme of Tier 3 — high upside tools. Hobgood and James may or may not have legit first round talent I think James probably does, but am personally not a huge fan of Hobgoodbut they have been linked to enough teams picking in the mid-teens on that they seem likely to be off the board by the supplemental round. We may have been a tad premature in declaring Stassi a stone cold lock first rounder, but he still seems like a safe bet to get plucked by a team late in the first looking to capitalize on the fall of a player many consider to be the top draft-eligible catcher.

Tier 4 has players that are safer bets to contribute in the bigs, but with a little less long-term star power. Storen should sneak into the back end of the first round, with Tampa rumored to have interest if he makes it to pick Wheeler is another player that fits the Tier 4 prototype — no standout tool, but very well-rounded with a professional approach. We need five more players to get to that magic first round number of Washington is in the weird situation where the players they are choosing from with that second first rounder may not be first rounders at all unless they pick them.

Any names missing? Any player in a tier too high or too low? Does Strasburg deserve a one tier buffer between himself and everybody else? I still have no idea which way Seattle is leaning with the second pick. About a month ago I said this :. Am I crazy in thinking they have similar enough profiles to compare the two? However, and this is worth pointing out time and time again, the top of the draft has so few interesting bats that there is some justification for reaching for a mike trout scouting report plus bat at a key defensive position.

Paul Saints, mike trout scouting report. In a way that would be convenient because we can then just flip the Giants and Braves picks with little shaking up of the draft board. A prep superstar sandwich with delicious high floor and high fiber! Cain is the real wild card in all of this, but he is only this high up because Florida is such a difficult team for me to project.

Cain would be a big stretch at 18, but a high upside, athletic high school arm makes sense in the spot. Mitchell to Minnesota would be a re-draft they took him out of high school inso we know he fits their typical draft demographic beautifully. Turner to the Mariners makes sense, if they are as willing to pony up the bucks as they have intimated.

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We hoped you liked reading The Royals Have the Mike Trout Scouting Report, Like Everyone by Jeff Sullivan! Please support FanGraphs by becoming a member. We publish thousands of articles a year, host multiple podcasts, and have an ever growing database of . The man in the title lucky enough to escape the parentheses who just so happened to get the call to the big leagues today also just so happens to be my biggest draft miss since I started this site back in Mike Trout was ranked 74th on my final MLB Draft big board, behind such luminaries as Todd Glaesmann and Miles Hamblin. Trout is a good looking offensive player who just started switch-hitting, but not in games. He is doing it with wood in BP for scouts. He does need some work with his overall approach. Power: He should have future average power and has shown some more pop this season. Running speed.