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ketchikan fishing report

Ketchikan salmon & halibut fishing, walk-ups welcome, private charters, and Cook Your Catch adventures in the protected waters of Southeast Alaska; a true Alaskan experience. Charter fishing Ketchikan for halibut or salmon is the best fishing in North America. Ketchikan Alaska is known as the ‘Salmon Capital of the World.’ We’re not like a lot of the other charter fishing companies that offer halibut and salmon fishing around Ketchikan Alaska. We take great pride in what we do and not just the bottom line. Fishing in Ketchikan Alaska, I try my best to keep you up to date with how the fishing in Ketchikan is going.

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With Spring fast approaching, we are starting to get the outlines of our fishing regulations, ketchikan fishing report. We have the same initial King salmon closure as last year, but amendments are likely to come.

With the Herring Cove terminal fishing area adjacent to town, visitors to Ketchikan should enjoy an open area for King Salmon retention. Areas outside the terminal area are likely to remain open to catch and release fishing only. For some of our cruise ship charters, taking meat home is not a high priority for our guests, and that allows us to openly fish other, less crowded areas. That is the beauty of a private fishing charter. We can customize the trip to fit your desires, ketchikan fishing report.

For king salmon, trolling is typically best done by trolling. We set the rods in downriggers, and use natural and artificial baits to attract fish while on the move. For our groups that prefer a more hands-on approach, we employ a tactic known as mooching. Your rod and reel is your weapon, and your perfectly plug cut herring is your ammo. Targeting schools of baitfish, ketchikan fishing report, we work the boat and gear in unison to allow you to work your bait through the entire water column.

It is an extremely active form of fishing, and you get to feel the bite and set the hook. Just remember, crank before you yank! Either of these styles of fishing are available to our groups of up to 6 anglers. Trolling is our default, but mooching is a specialty only offered by a few captains. Please let ketchikan fishing report know if you prefer to try your hand at this technique! It will definitely be a 1 ketchikan fishing report limit, and likely in mid 20lb range for retention.

Our halibut fishing charters have a very high success rate, any we fish a good distance from town. We typically see abundant wildlife, and catch multiple other bottom dwelling species in the mix.

Pacific cod, rockfish, black cod, and ling cod are common. Halibut are mostly fished on anchor with large baits. We ketchikan fishing report a scent and food trail on the bottom of the ocean, and halibut follow their way up that line to our hooks. Jigging can be incorporated as well as mooching, ketchikan fishing report. Catching a halibut on a salmon rod is an absolute blast! We also offer a deep drop trip. Using electric reels at depths ranging from feet, we target deepwater structure using electric assist sportfishing reels.

Catch black cod, rare rockfish species ketchikan fishing report sharks…but beware, most halibut that cruise these depths are too big for retention, and must be released! If you would like more info on any of our charters, or would like to reserve your date, please contact us!

Permits must be pre-purchased, and ketchikan fishing report will be available in March. Here are a few of the permit fish from last year, ketchikan fishing report.

King salmon regs have really locked a part of the fleet down for the early season. With Catch and release rules in effect, many groups are switching over to halibut, rockfish, and on the 16th of May, Long Cod season opens up.

Our bottom fish regs have not changed much from last year. Halibut is […]. Ketchikan salmon fishing has been a bit slow lately. We have a storm parked on top of us, making it hard to navigate!

The next break in the weather should give us a chance to chase some King Salmon. Until then, here is another pic from this past year! Had some great early season salmon and halibut fishing charters. They will be coming shortly! To start, we had some preseason action on King Salmon and Halibut as well! Book your Ketchikan Halibut Charter today!

We had another killer day fishing for winter king salmon! It snowed on us, and ketchikan fishing report was cold, ketchikan fishing report, but these elusive fish could not escape our herring and Repko minnow lures!

We started off with 3 fish ketchikan fishing report the first 90 minutes, 4 fish by the time the next boat showed up, and ground them […]. We had another great day of salmon fishing on Easter Sunday.

We have ketchikan fishing report tried to fish halibut yet, but it is coming! As for now, the kings are in, and they are nice! Lots of the king salmon are lbs, and they are great eaters! These feeder ketchikan fishing report are cruising the bays, ketchikan fishing report, looking for […]. We put a few hours in trolling for king salmon yesterday, and it produced nicely!

Our first tow yielded nothing while trolling with the tide. We marked some bait and a few decent fish, so we made a turn, and headed back against the tide. It took about 30 minutes to troll to our eastern […].

There seem to be a good number of kings near town for this time of year. We recently fished for just a couple hours, hooked 8, and landed 6 kings. While none were very large, the numbers told […]. I am getting very excited to head back South to Ketchikan! I was born a fisherman, and built into a fishing ketchikan fishing report. I love to fish Ketchikan, and this time of year pulls in all directions. Thinking ahead from logistics of shipping a vehicle from Kodiak to Ketchikan, getting myself down there, and getting the […].

Our Ketchikan cruise ship fishing charters offer anyone a chance to catch salmon. Salmon fishing charters in Ketchikan are great because our short runs to the fishing grounds and ease of access for […]. Who wants to go Salmon fishing!? Halibut fishing!? Halibut fishing is good throughout our fishing season with the best fishing from mid June […].

Just a quick post with a picture of Ketchikan salmon fishing in July. Late July is a great time to catch your Alaska salmon with us. We had a great year of charter fishing this year. Now it is time for hunting. We went to Delta Junction and made an attempt to moose hunt. I never thought that I would actually say that we almost went moose hunting, ketchikan fishing report. First salmon charter of the year produced a beauty!

We still have one great block of dates in June for Kings. We have a week long block from June 8th through June 14th. This is a great time to fish Kings and Halibut. It includes […]. Here comes spring! We have been getting some great weather and the fishing continues to improve. Less than 2 weeks until the first cruise ship arrives in Sitka my winter home and fishing grounds and the street sweepers are ketchikan fishing report and the downtown buildings are being painted after a tough winter.

We broke records for […]. On Thusrday, we ventured out and set some crab pots. SE Alaska in true form gave us sun, wind, rain, hail, snow, flat calm, ketchikan fishing report, and more wind in just a short time.

We set some pots shallow and some deep and gave them a 24 hour soak. On the way in, we fished close to […]. Just a pre-season halibut fishing update…last week, ketchikan fishing report, we fished for just a short time and picked up one nice 32lb halibut along with a good batch of other bottomfish. They are starting to enter Sitka Sound following the herring and other […], ketchikan fishing report.

I am sooooo ready to get out and fish. The last three weeks have been filled with snow, ice, and wind making halibut and salmon fishing out of the question. In the winter time, I keep the boat on the trailer, and it is nearly impossible to launch under the conditions. Halibut should start showing […]. District Court Judge H. Russel Holland handed down […]. For halibut fishing this year, we got an improvement in our size restrictions.

The commercial halibut fishermen […]. Many people are learning that booking through the cruise lines is more expensive, and no more guaranteed to return you to your ship on time! Yes, we guarantee you will be back to your ship on time!

With the […].


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ketchikan fishing report


Choose between 6 fishing charters in Ketchikan. Alaska King Charter • 4 reviews. Alaska Fishing Company • 3 reviews. Alaska Affordable Adventures • 5 reviews. Reel Alaska Fishing Charters • 6 reviews. Chick Charters • 7 reviews. Avid Angler Charters. The ‘Southeast Fishing Report’ is a regularly posted fishing report that starts in early May and continues through September. Sport Fish Regulation Books are available for king, coho, pink, and chum salmon and halibut and rockfish in Elfin Cove, Gustavus, Juneau, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Prince of Wales Island, Sitka and Yakutat. Harvest. Sep 06,  · We hope that you have a wonderful trip. We always recommend going with a local company and captain who know fishing in Ketchikan the best. When it comes to how the poles are organized this can change on the group and boat. Some boats fish 1 4/5(79).